Neuro Kinetic Therapy is a method of muscle testing that brilliantly and accurately finds the dysfunctions that is causing pain and discomfort in the body. There is a quote from Ida Rolf "Where you think it is, it ain't." Meaning that, the pain and discomfort that you feel in your neck could very well be from a dysfunction in the hip. Neuro Kinetic Therapy provides me an intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology that brilliantly explains how the body functions in real world scenarios. Most of the knowledge of connective tissue, muscles, and how they relate to each other was "discovered" hundreds of years ago by scientists dissecting cadavers. Last time I checked, you aren't dead. Therefore, your body does not move like a dead body, and your brain doesn't think in individual muscles. It thinks in movement patterns. Now there are some movement patterns that your body does more then others. And we are in a resting position more now then we ever have been. This leads to dysfunctional muscles or groups of muscles. Since the brain doesn't think about individual muscles, if there is a muscle that isn't working as often or as hard as it should, the brain decides to use other muscles to compensate because that is ultimately easier then putting in the work to get that dysfunctional muscle to start firing at the appropriate moment again. Using NKT protocols, we find the muscle groups that are inhibited, find the muscle groups that are facilitating that inhibition, and re-introduce the brain to it's long lost friends.