The F.I.T. Program is a comprehensive workout program specifically designed to make you better at being human. 

Are you burned out? The top 5 signs of burnout are as follows,


1. Fatigue. You're constantly exhausted no matter how many stimulating beverages you consume. All they are really doing is making you feel better about how tired you are.

2. Brain fog. You're slow on the uptake. You have very little focus. You're easily distracted. And those stimulating beverages mentioned above aren't doing the trick.

3. Irritability. You're patience for life is nonexistent. You're yelling at anything and everyone for just being present, much less not doing what you want them to do or the way you want them to do it.

4. Uncoordinated. You're bumping in to everything. Who put that way there? Spilling everything. Shutting doors on yourself. Biting your own face when you eat. 

5. Forgetful. You're missing appointments. Forgetting birthdays. Where'd you leave your car keys? What day is it? When do I work again?

Based on the list that you read to the left of you, you have discovered that you are indeed burned out. What does that mean? It means that you are coming close reaching the threshold of the amount of chronic stress you can handle. How do you fix it? In short, you need to recover. My top 3 recovery tools are,

1. Sleep. Get a lot of sleep. Don't let anybody shame you for sleeping as long as you need to to feel better.

2. Food. Eat quality food. Meat, veggies, lots of veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds.

3. Workout. And here is where the program comes in. Your workouts should make you feel better not worse. Read that again. This program is designed to help you recover from your chronic stress. Once you feel better you can up your intensity as your energy levels go up. You then have an option for a workout to help you prepare for stress before you go back to work the next day.